"How do I always end up in these relationships?"

"I want to feel comfortable with myself, sex, explore my sexuality, and find someone for me"

"I really just want someone to talk to" 


I'm Dr. Donna and I want to help you.

 You are  strong, and fierce, and magical, and SUPERWOMAN herself! But, you are TIRED. There is nothing wrong with having someone to talk to who is in support of your overall well being. I offer traditional (in office) and tele-therapeutic counseling for those who need support with issues from the bedroom to communication, commitment, or the stuff that comes up from trying to smile through the pains of life.  My therapeutic foundation is in Emotionally Focused Therapy. However, “One size fits all” is not my approach!  I am trained in other modalities and we will collaborate on the best approach for you.

Helping Superwoman is what I do. Let's work together to discover more about you, your sex(uality), how it connects to your race, ethnicity, spirituality/religion, and how to navigate it when you are feeling depressed, anxious, or like your self esteem is just not where you need it to be. Finding a Black Sex Therapist who understands intersectionality has never been easier!


It all started when...

I graduated from THE Morgan State University with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Because I was comfy talking about sex and sexuality AND because folk kept telling me their business and soliciting my advice, I figured I should get more education to give better information and get paid ;)  I looked up being a sex therapist and found out it was a real thing! From there, I went to Widener University and did a double master’s. I finished school in Spring of 2012 with my Masters in Education (focused on Human Sexuality) and a Master’s in Social Work. I took some time from school, and decided I should just go back and finish it up. Afterall, my momma and poppa REALLY wanted a doc in the family. More than that I saw a need. There are a limited number of Black Sex Therapists. I aim to fill the gap and assist Black women and couples in finding their sexual freedom, while being culturally relevant. I graduated with my PhD in Human Sexuality in 2016 and here I am! 


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