The New Year is Upon US! 2017, Getting it Together!

pic courtesy of Designbolts

Now, if you follow my Facebook page, you would have seen that I shared a story about the 5 things you can do now to better prep for your 2017 by Amanda. Check it out here! What I am sharing here really won't be much different.

It is important to call what you want into your life. Lots of folk are disgruntled and angry at 2016, like the year itself can do something TO you. Take back some of that power. You are in control of what you want to accomplish. Only YOUR righteous mind can do the work you promise to yourself. But how do you move forward?

1. Believe it or not you must start with reflection! What went well in 2016? What did you accomplish that make you smile, gives you pride, or makes others say "well done?" When you know where you have been, it is easier to know where you are going, that is the spirit of Sankofa.

Reflecting on what you wanted to achieve but didn't, is also a part of the process. Look to what you did not do. Try to remember what barriers you encountered in meeting that goal. Determine if that goal is still something you want, and look at how it may have changed.  

2. Now, we PLAN! AFTER you reflect, then you can plan. If you plan, then reflect, you might miss something. Try to give yourself kudos for what you've done, and be honest in what you did not. Using the reflections is 100% a part of the planning process. Outline about 5-6 areas of your life you want to work on in the next year. Make a goal for each area. Then write down what you need to do to achieve that goal. Now, here is the tricky part, WRITE A DUE DATE for each task that will help you meet the goal. Writing a date is paramount! A goal unwritten is a wish. While writing it down can be an important part, putting a date on it gives you reason to move! Then put that bad body on a can be the phone, google, or a physical. But put it somewhere that you will actually be ALERTED!

3. Find a partner in crime! We all need help. Someone to keep us accountable to the goals and tasks we make and set. Its easy to push back the date when you have no one to answer to but yourself. This person shouldn't be a butthead, but rather someone who cares about you and what you say you want to accomplish. I suggest meeting at least once a month to have a quick progress update. I also suggest that June is a great time to do another deeper reflection to see if you are on task for your goals, and to see if maybe you have some tweaking to do. 

That's really all there is for me. Amanda already said much of it in her blog. So, no need for me to reinvent the wheel. But as last minute as I am, I will offer help to those who need it for planning out their 2017! I can be an accountability partner, but sometimes these things don't come for free. Send me a message in the contact me section of my website, and let me know what you're looking for. :)