The New Year is no longer upon us, we are now more than 10 days in. And on the 10th day, we got the Farewell Address from President Barak Obama. I personally, could not watch that address live, as I have been dealing with my own farewell speeches, addresses, emails, and such at my soon to be place of former employment. The emotional turmoil I have been feeling the past few...months, if I'm honest, has been raw. From the election of Trump, for which I am not necessarily surprised as much as I am dismayed, the whirlwind of the holiday season, to the leaving of staff including self from my place of employment, to now, the farewell address from the first president I ever got to vote has all culminated into this moment. 

I don't know what ya'll remember of what he said, but I heard the great calling out of foolishness that are some of the major -isms, sexism, racism, heterosexism, etc. The time is truly now. People are mad because of the person coming into office, without a view of what they did or didn't do to support this. So many ppl didn't vote but wanna be mad. I say eat that. I don't want to hear it. You cannot be complacent and then be mad. You, friend, make no sense. Some folk are mad because they feel they got duped. My question is: did you do your research boo boo? No? Then eat that. Some folk did their part and are mad...again...EAT THAT! We have work to do. Being mad should be the fuel. Eat it. Use it. Grow from it. 

BUT! The new question is after we have eaten, what do we all do now? How do we protect our bodies, our mental health, our rights, and our futures? What will you do today that will set you on the path you claim you want, but for which you do absolutely no work? I personally, as a therapist and educator, hope that your first step is true self reflection. Look at what you are doing and not doing. Look at who you are and think about what you would like to become. Get to work! The time is now. I know it's scary. We worry about failure, but know there are failsafes, at times. But what we are really scared of it so succeed. How will you step out of your own way and step into your glory? If therapy (individual or group) is it, go for it! If you think a retreat will do...GO FOR IT! Figure for yourself what you will do. This year could be the first step into your own greatness. 

Don't let not one person tell you differently. In the words of Obama..YES WE CAN!

Donna OriowoComment