Golddigger? #TalktomeTuesday 8.29.17

So, I see you missed it again. Remember #TalktomeTuesday is EVERY Tuesday 7pm on Instagram. Follow me here

So this is what's covered in this week's video: 

1. Sex tricks for dudes with "little dicks" -- this is exactly what is sounds like. I give a few ways to have sex with a guy that has a smaller penis than what you may be used to. Most of it involves putting those legs together to create that friction. 

2.When a life coach needs a life coach-- So...yeah. Even helping professionals need helping professionals. So we discuss it only breifly.

THE Main Squeeze of the week: when someone you talking to requests entry to your wallet--why are they really there?Is this person a gold digger?

Finally, we talk about the latest episode of #Insecure! Was head etiquette broken or was Issa in her feelings when she got ejaculated on?

Video Below--let me know what you think in the comments. Ask more questions, too :)