Sexin You Up Time? #TalktomeTuesday 9.12.17

Okay My lovelies! Here is the video from last week's #TalktomeTuesday

What's in this video? Well many things! We go over benefits of having sex. I answer the Otha otha Questions, then we get into the Question of the Day! I know you don't have all day, so I am putting the highlights below:

1. Recap of the Question: 52 sec

2. Benefits of having Sex: 1 min 21 sec

3. Otha Otha Questions: 6 min 30 sec

---Instat Instagram Question: Are the benefits of sex transferred to the benefits of masturbation      7m 5s

---Yes no Maybe Chart: 9 min 59 sec

4. Question of the Day!!: 14min

-----Healthy amount of sex a couple SHOULD have? 18 min 10sec

5. All Questions Matter: 24 min 22 sec

---is Foreplay important?  




1. Yes, No, Maybe Chart: this is what I was speaking about int he video. It's a chart that you and  your partner(s) fill out SEPARATELY! Then when you come together with your completed chart, have a blank one handy for you to do together. Here is the LINK!

2. Benefits of Sex: You can look this information up from almost ANYWHERE! BUT! Take a look at this website, it's reputable :) 



If you need something and you feel I forgot to include it, send me an email and I can add it. 

Love YA!