be more ANAL #TalktomeTuesday 9.5.17


Yet another #TalktomeTuesday has passed. This time the QOTD was: Anal Sex: It's cool to do, right? Can you have an orgasm from anal sex? Are those beads cool? Is it ok to do it and use a toy at the same time?

Also in this episode: 

  1. Insecure: revenge sex and does cheating negate all other relationship shit?
  2. Consent!!-- Rape aint never been cute
  3. Other Questions:Should you wear a bra around dudes? Is is disrespectful to be bra-less around someone else's man?


How about some extra resources?

More Anal Talk:

No Need to fear when it comes to the rear!

Everything you need to know about anal sex (from Teen Vogue):

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