New Year, Same You: How 'bout those GOALS?

Are you still without purpose and goals?

They say “time flies!” Living your life is both the slowest and the fastest thing you will probably ever do. Everyday brings a new challenge to overcome, and every year can bring a new theme. This year, I know I am about letting go of my fears and embracing my destiny. I know I am destined for greatness-- that may sound pretentious, because we all think we are great, but my greatness is planned out. My greatness is in goals, and my greatness will be in my follow through.

The start of 2018 gives you a chance to re-evaluate who you’ve been, what you’ve done, and what you achieved in 2017. If you are satisfied and want to go no further, have not more goals to achieve, are d-o-n-e, you also don’t need to keep reading. You can leave (click the “x” in the corner), because this post may not be for you. This post is for people who want. If you are dissatisfied with where you are and what you've achieved, read more. If you are hungry for more in your life, read more. 

People think I am talking out of my butt when I talk about goal planning and intention setting. I am not. I’ve done goal and intention setting with all types of folks, from children to adults.  I am able to move forward with intention and know greatness is coming because I don’t just wish; I plan, I create, I follow through, and I re-evaluate. No, I am not saying this is foolproof. I am saying that if you want something, you can probably get it with making the right steps. So let’s start!


Goal planning doesn’t have to be a harrowing process. BUT you do need to realize it's a process. Unless you win the lottery, you probably won’t have all you dreamed of overnight. You have to plan to learn, learn to plan, and put those feet to the beat! Here are 4 steps to moving into your greatness!

  1. Review: Yeah I said it. REVIEW!!! Look at the last 3 months of your life, the last 6 months, the last year. What have you done and not done. Though you may say you had "no focus" you were just "living your life," take a closer look. What did you do in the past months and year? What did you seem to focus on? What did you accomplish? What did you set out to do/get/achieve? Did you meet those goals? We have heard that saying before: You can’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been. This is your Sankofa moment. Look back, see where you’ve been. Accept it for what it is: good, bad, or ugly.

  2. Reflect: People have told tell me reflecting sounds a lot like reviewing. It aint! To review, you look at what actually was. To reflect, you look into yourself. Sit down in a quiet place (or the type of place that gets you thinking-- personally I like to listen to a little Beyonce, Sza, Rihanna; a playlist I call SizRihBey, to get me pumped and thinking. It gets me reflecting about what I think of me, my sex life, my joys, sorrows, needs and wants. MUSIC!! It’s a medicine for me-- find what works for you and do that. If walking gets you thinking, do it. If it's making pasta while dancing to Bruno Mars lights your inner fire, do it! Do what works, but remember the purpose is to reflect. Think about what you want in various life areas. Then think about WHY you want it. Purpose is important. You need real reasons that will make you want to do the work. You want a WHY that when you get tired and wonder what you’re doing, your WHY answers the questions and helps pick you back up.

  3. Write: If you think it and keep it in your head, it may never get done. Your wish/dream needs to be in your head and heart for you to want to do anything, but it needs to be on paper, in your phone, on your social media, wherever you can see it, to make it happen! You should see those goals DAILY! They should be your pre-breakfast and your post-dinner. When you write down what you want, you have already started to make yourself accountable. When you write down what you want, you naturally start to plan how to get there, start to recognize the steps you need to take. I promise y’all, I live what I preach. I write my goals out every year. I like to make some of them easy, so I feel like I got some momentum. BUT then I write some lofty goals that make me feel like I gots work-ta-do! My goals are on my bedroom wall by the door. I see them bad boys every single time I exit. I KNOW that means when I come back to my room, I want to make sure that I have done SOMETHING to move me in the right direction. Write 'em, see 'em, read 'em, live 'em.

  4. Do: This is is hardest part. If it was easy, everyone would be living their dreams. To DO your goals, you need to have written them properly. You need to know what the steps are toward your goal. Then you need to put your feet to the street. For me, "doing" is placing your goals and all their steps into a calendar (in pencil). This lets you know what you are doing each day, and allows you space to DO them, since they are already part of your to do list. Seriously, if I could write a whole dissertation in about 15 minutes a day, you can reach your goals in about the same time. 15 mins per goal though :)

These are my 4 tips for meeting your goals in 2018. This is what I do, this is how I help, this is my contribution back. I love goal planning and helping my friends and family achieve their dreams. The thing is though, none of this will work for you if you don’t wanna do the work. If you don’t reflect and truly know yourself, you can make all the goals you want and never get anywhere. Find a coach, if you need one. Get an accountability partner, if you want one. Whatever you know you need/want INVEST in yourself to make it happen. Otherwise it's you who will be looking 2019 in the face knowing you ain't did a damn thing in 2018. It’s you who won’t be reaping the seeds of what you could have sown with nothing to do but wait for the Game of Thrones series finale. If you want more, you have to work! Let's WORK!

What's one goal you have for 2018?


PRO TIP: Check back here soon. I will be doing a webinar on goal planning. You might even learn a little more than you expected :)