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Saints and Scoundrels: Moving on From Broken Relationships

Today we talk about the duality in people and learning to accept that in honor of ourselves. Lately, I have published a few posts that speak about the duality of people and how we sanitize people to be who we expect them to be. It’s a part of cognitive dissonance, when ideas, beliefs, and behaviors contradict each other. If you want to read more about how I see saint and scoundrel, you can read about it in some of the other posts including this one about Kelis & Nas. But, for this post, we are talking about how that black and white thinking can feel like it helps with moving on. BUT really how it can get in the way of moving forward in our journey when a relationship ends.

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On GOLDDIGGERS and Monogamy

There has been a sixty second clip making its way around where a woman says that monogamy was made to be beneficial for men without know.. Money, Chedda, Green! Now before anyone gets on a high horse, the conversation seemed to be very heteronormative, but that doesn't mean it didn’t have value. Anyway, the conversation was on Golddiggers and I think  it’s time to talk more about THAT!…

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Sexual Compatibility With Smell and NO SEX!

This episode spoke about a lot of stuff including THIS article by Damon Young Straight Black Men are the White People of Black People! Now, you won't see mention in the short video below, but that's because I have heard the people, and they want a shorter video! So, sorry, but you missed it. Basically, misogynoir is B.S. that people participate in. Here is some more, in simplified terms…

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