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Was Everyone Born WOKE? Allowing Space for Forgiveness and Growth

Is there a point where we as people actually allow for forgiveness and growth? There are a bunch of people who talk about how “Woke” they are and how they won't entertain questions about how they reached their various levels of woke-ness. Referring people to Google who ask pretty simple questions and simply want more context. But I am concerned that in this age of instant information from yester-year, and social media draggings, we aren’t actually allowing people the opportunity to not only own the shit they said, but we aren’t allowing people to think, process, apologize, and make amends. Please understand, I am not saying that we forgive foolishness with no boundaries or that we don’t consider every facet before accepting an apology. What I am saying and seeing is that if someone we have agreed with on many points, says one thing we don’t agree with, without giving them time to explain their stance, or the happenstance around it, we publicly drag or humiliate them, then proceed to throw them away…

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