Giving You A Nod In the Right Direction


Giving You a Nod In the Right Direction

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"How do I always end up in these relationships?"

"I want to feel comfortable with myself, sex, explore my sexuality, and find someone for me"

"I’m dark and i don’t have ‘good hair,’ I just don’t FEEL cute”

"I really just want someone to talk to" 


You are strong and fierce, and magical and SUPERWOMAN herself! But, you are TIRED. 

Helping Superwoman is what I do. Let's work together to discover more about you, your sex(uality), how it connects to your race, ethnicity, spirituality/religion, skin tone, hair texture, and how to navigate it when you are feeling depressed, anxious, or like your self esteem is just not where you need it to be. Finding a Black Sex Therapist who understands intersectionality has never been easier!

You keep having the SAME ARGUMENT! How are you supposed to level up with these communication issues?!?!  

If none of your previous relationships have "worked out," and you WANT to be with your partner but you can't seem to put your guard down, LETS WORK TOGETHER! It is hard to move forward in a relationship and take things to the next level when you feel like the trust has been broken. Putting your guard down so that you can be more comfy, have better communication and BETTER SEX, can be hard. BUT, you don't have to do it alone.  When you feel like you're at a crossroads in your relationship, it can be easy to blame your partner. Chances are though, you are both suffering. All of us can work together to get you to a place where y'all are the example of #RelationshipGoals (but for real, not just on social media).

I'm Dr. Donna Oriowo and I want to help you. There is nothing wrong with having someone to talk to who is in support of your overall well being. I offer traditional (in office) and tele-therapeutic counseling for those who need support with issues from the bedroom to communication, commitment, or the stuff that comes up from trying to smile through the pains of life.  My therapeutic foundation is in Emotionally Focused Therapy. However, “One size fits all” is not my approach!  I am trained in other modalities and we will collaborate on the best approach for you.


Yes, I speak!

Giving A Nod in the Right Direction is not limited to therapy. Education is what we do. Click the pic to learn more!



In AnnodRight’s mission to be the epitome of freedom, love, wisdom, passion, authenticity, truth, and compassion, the goal is contribute the self to those who wish/hope/pray for a friend, a guide, a teacher, a therapist, a person who understands the significance of culture/race/sex/gender identity/intersectionality of all forms of self through therapy, workshops, lectures, trainings, conversations, writings, blogs, and soul whisperings, to help along the journey to self realization.

AnnodRight will work to embody these qualities to help you achieve the wearing of your most authentic self and the strength in all that you are and all that you do. To help in the reaching of your highest potential in the relationships you share with yourself and others, to to climb higher than imagined in business and career, to dig to the truest understanding of self. To do that which make the soul quiver with enticement and excitement.


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