Ya’ll, let’s remember that I am a sex and relationship therapist. I tend to focus on how issues related to colorism and texturism show up in relationships and can cause or exacerbate feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. But don’t worry, I am well versed in treating issues related to trauma, LGBTQ concerns, couples concerns, “general” anxiety, depression, sexuality, body/hair image, self-esteem, ethnic identity issues, and more.


Individual Therapy

So you can't seem to get over your ex? OR you just broke up? OR maybe you want to explore sex more and how far your sexuality can take you? Whether is about sex(uality), self-esteem, colorism or hair texture discrimination (texturism) etc., working on yourself is important. I know it's hard to think about and put yourself first, but what you need is paramount. Individual Therapy allows you to work solely on YOU and the goals you have for yourself! My role is to be a guide and a source of support. The purpose is to challenge you, not just corroborate everything you say, to help you be your most authentic self. Like a friend of mine said, "therapy ain't just polite conversation." And because I know you're busy, individual therapy has a telemental health services option, using privacy enhanced video sessions (for clinically appropriate candidates), from the comfort of your own home! No travel, No traffic, No Waiting Room.

Average Cost: $160-180

Super busy & don't have a whole hour to dedicate to therapy? That's OK! Now offering a Therapy Power in a Half-Hour! These are 25-30 minute sessions totally online! I'll see you in the virtual therapy room...after you book your appt.

Average cost: $90


Couples Therapy

The sex just isn't what is used to be. For that matter, you spend more time arguing, screaming, and shouting. You walk away. They walk away. And then you repeat the same argument! You are feeling like it might be over. Sometimes relationships get hard, and help is needed to get through. It’s normal and it's okay. Relationship Therapy allows for partners to be authentic individuals in the strength of who you are together. (Re)connect and (re) learn to communicate and move forward. It’s also great for getting that intimacy back! Let’s work together!

Average Cost: $230



If you are looking for a passionate, dynamic, and transformational keynote, workshop, panel speaker, staff training, or facilitated discussion, look no further! Learning is a lifelong and essential process. While I work to seek wisdom and knowledge from others, I like to offer what I can in turn. As such, I offer a number of culturally relevant staff trainings, workshops, and facilitated discussions that are intersectional, offering practical steps of implementation. 

Subjects covered so far? Talking to teens about sex/sexuality (for parents, practitioners and service providers), LGBTQ safe spaces, Black female sexuality (including hair texture and colorism), and racial equity in the workplace (and with the population served). Workshops can also be developed for children, adolescents, and adults who want to learn more about various subjects related to sex and sexuality! The 2018/2019 Calendar is OPEN and filling up!

annodright-donna-oriowo.04-coaching therapy

Goal Plan Coaching

Do you often start the year with a resolution or goal forgotten by March? Feeling like you constantly are starting over because you just can’t seem to get it together AND stick with what you say you want to do? Or do you feel unsure about where to start with even trying to meet your goal? If this sounds like you, coaching could be for you! In coaching we will work together to find barriers, learn what can work, make a detailed (and I do mean detailed) plan of action. And I will help to hold you accountable to that plan! Rest assured knowing that you will be on of only 4 coaching clients at any given time. Why? Because you will require my attention, not excuses. Coaching is a commitment and I will require that of you.



Sometimes it can’t all be worked out on your own, and you just don’t have the time to spend in long bouts of therapy. OR maybe you have some reservations on what therapy has to offer? Retreats are a fun way to open your mind, heart, body, and spirit to a unique experience that can help you learn more about you and how you interact with others. Various retreats are offered throughout the year with a different focus.

You can, spend time in fellowship with other Natural Hair’d DIVAS, Reconnect and Revitalize a Friendship, learn ways to Keep it Sexy in a relationship, and so much more! Check back here often to learn what retreat is being offered and where in the world we will be!


Got questions and want a few answers BEFORE you make an appointment for therapy? Click to schedule a free 15minute discovery call. You will speak with AnnodRight staff to learn a little about Dr. Donna and give a little info in return to make sure it’s a good match! This is a pretty good way to get started on your therapy journey, without having to worry about playing phone tag!