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White Unless Otherwise specified: Colorblind Sexuality IN a World of Living Color

Presented at the National Sex Ed Conference in Atlantic City, NJ as Keynote

Checkout this short reel of the Keynote presentation completed at the National Sex Ed Conference in 2017! This video was reduced down to less than 4 minutes by Charity Mahone! Enjoy!

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Conferences and Trainings for Staff and Professionals

Looking for a Keynote? Want an interesting, informative, and transformational talk for your staff? Need someone to speak about sex(uality), mental health, racism (including the concepts of colorismtexturism, and intersectionality)? The Doc has done it! With a few trainings and presentations in her repertoire, she has created and lead trainings on Talking to Adolescents about sex and sexuality for service providers; Self-care for the mental health professional, and led Race awareness talks for staff facing colorism and texturism concerns with the clients they served. She has also Keynoted at the National Sex Ed Conference. Need something not listed? Tell Donna! She will work with you to create just what you needed AND give you more than you asked for!


Sex(uality) Education & Mental Health Talks/Education

Need someone down to earth to talk to college students, adolescents, young adults, or the like about sex(uality), mental health and all that jazz? How about some who is comfortable speak at a bachelorette party? Or maybe for a smaller event on sex and relationships for couples? 

We got you! College events, women's groups, retreats, adolescent groups, churches; informal but still informational!

Mixing mental health and sex(uality) education comes easy to the Doc! Creating a curriculum that is age appropriate, entertaining, captivating, and educational, is a must! Not only can Dr. Oriowo speak to the kiddos, she can work with the teens, and their parents/guardians, too! (BONUS: Dr. Oriowo has completed trainings for teacher and professionals who have to work with the young ones--eveyone should know how to answer questions and express their own (dis)comforts!)

I thought Dr. Oriowo’s use of a variety of engaging interactive learning strategies was well-thought out. As a trainer myself, I sometimes wonder “is now the right time for small groups? Paired discussion? Large group movement?” and Dr. Oriowo absolutely nailed each selection. Beyond appreciating the topic presented in its own right, I admired the thought that went into presenting a session for such a large group.
— William "Bill" Taverner, MA, CS, Editor of the American Journal for Sex Education, Executive Director of the Center of Sex Education


Snatching Edges: Why Black Hair Matters in Sex(uality) Education

Presented at the National Sex Ed Conference in Atlantic City, NJ

Here's a short video! Instagram recorded and borrowed. This short video on Instagram, recorded by @idreamofbikini_, shows the end of Dr. Oriowo's presentation at the National Sex Ed Conference in 2016. It was well received!


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