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So I may have a BOOK!

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7 Things To DO With Your Partner to Keep the Relationship Strong

I may have had a thing or two to say on the subject. Check it out and let me know what you think!

When We Talk About Consent, Who Are We Really Talking About?

Check out this piece exploring consent and the #metoo movement. Written by Dr. Donna Oriowo

Stroke Strategy!

In this FB live recoded radio show, Dr. Donna shows up to talk about Stroke Strategy and how to please your partner sexually, just in time for the V-day holiday! Click the logo to watch the video!

How To Feel Comfortable on a First Date, According to Experts

Quoted in this Elite Daily Article. Check it out!

14 Things To Never Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

Check out this article where Dr. Oriowo is quoted on ways to keep social media out of the intimate parts of your relationship. 

ButtSects: Vagesteem and Dr. Donna

PodCast with THE VagEsteem on DECK! This fun-filled episode (ep. 41)  is all things bOOty, butt, anal! We discuss eating it, we discuss sticking it, we discuss loving it or not so much..

11 Things You Should Never Do In a Relationship Depending On Your Personality Type


Check out this article where Dr. Donna is quoted about being a Type A personality in a relationship!

9 Signs You Need to Break off Your Engagement 


Lookie Here! Another article featuring yours truly as one of the consulted experts! Click the logo to read the article and learn what I had to say about possibly breaking off an engagement!

Sexual Fantasies You Might Have That Are Totally Normal

Here is an article where I talk about bondage being sexy and downright NORMAL in sex and sexual fantasies. Click the logo to read!