Goal Digging When Vision Boards are NOT Enough!

Do you get stuck with goal planning? Feel lost? Have waaaaaaaaayyyy too many great  ideas floating around and aren't sure where to start?

Then this Goal Planning Webinar is FOR YOU! 

Goal Planning with purpose is here again! In this 1 hour webinar will you will receive the ultimate 6 STEPS in goal planning to help you get clear on your vision and BOSS up on that execution. Ultimatelty we work to make those dreams into your reality. A 25 page goal planning workbook is included to get you started and working!

This is how we start with changing our lives and living exactly as we want, with freedom and purpose fulfilled. Let's go!



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Sex Talk Parent Edition: Webinar

How many parents do you know who are stricken with fear when their children bring up the topic of sex? I’m talking full on panic attack! Coughing, stuttering, or even avoiding the question altogether (oh, now is the perfect time to regrout those kitchen tiles!).

Or maybe you want to talk about it, but aren’t sure about the best way to start the conversation. Have you questioned whether your kids are old enough? Maybe they’re not quite ready for “the talk?”

Well, fret no more! I got your back! Check out this webinar: Sex Talk Parent Edition. In this webinar you will learn

  • What you and your kids need to know about sex

  • When you kids need to know what pieces of info

  • How to approach the sex talk convo

  • And so much more!

What do participants have to say?

"Amazing! I learned so much from her webinar in general. Admittedly, this is a conversation I dread having. This webinar addressed my own narrative around my children being sexual beings and how that was impacting my ability to effectively have this conversation and support them in informed decision making. Dr. Donna guides you through tackling your fears and own narrative around sex and sexuality. The talk is for anyone who is connected to youth. Fear doesn’t prepare our youth to navigate their own sexual identity and if we don’t, someone else will. Have the talk. Let Dr. Donna help you! "

Dr. Ajita Robinson


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White Unless Otherwise Specified: The Keynote 

Now you can watch Dr. Donna Oriowo give her very first keynote address. Video was taken at the National Sex Ed Conference in Atlantic City, NJ in 2017!

1. identify 3 reasons why its important to have race/ethnicity inclusive sex ed
2. Identify 1 blind spot they have to culturally relevant sex education
3. Identify 1 way to integrate racial and cultural differences into sexuality education

Secret Objective: know the difference between “YOU can do it! And should (with consultation) and You COULD do it, but shouldn't