It all started when...

I graduated from THE Morgan State University with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Because I was comfy talking about sex and sexuality AND because folk kept telling me their business and soliciting my advice, I figured I should get more education to give better information and get paid ;)  I looked up being a sex therapist and found out it was a real thing! From there, I went to Widener University and did a double master’s. I finished school in Spring of 2012 with my Masters in Education (focused on Human Sexuality) and a Master’s in Social Work. I took some time from school, and decided I should just go back and finish it up. Afterall, my momma and poppa REALLY wanted a doc in the family. More than that I saw a need. There are a limited number of Black Sex Therapists. I aim to fill the gap and assist Black women and couples in finding their sexual freedom, while being culturally relevant. I graduated with my PhD in Human Sexuality in 2016 and here I am! 


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Work History

I have been doing all kinds of stuff in the field since 2008. I interned with NAMI international--getting money for the organization and helping others get informed on mental health info, a psychologist-- learning the basics of customer service in mental health, for The Center Foundation-- doing case management for teen mothers, and a school for students who all had a mental health diagnosis. I volunteered in 2012 with Youth Challenge International in Kumasi, Ghana. I honed my speaking skills there, and was able to teach about sex and sexuality. I got back to America with a passion for teaching about sexuality, and working with folk one on one. In November 2012, I worked with an Agency in DC that catered to foster youth, specifically focusing on those 14-21. BUT I needed a change. In 2015 I moved on to working at a school doing therapy, teaching sex education, and being goddess of my own little universe. I graduated to become a supervisor for a program in (yet) another Agency in 2017. But RIGHT NOW, I am doing what calls to me full time: working for myself with AnnodRight, being the change I wish to see, knowing better and doing better, and feeling at home in my work. With all the stuff going on in America and the world, social justice has become a stronger part of how I work clinically, and how I engage educationally.

"Ms. Donna Oriowo was my social work supervisor.  We met weekly for sixty minute sessions to discuss social work issues and specific clinical issues related to my caseload.  Ms. Oriowo was always able and eager to address my questions about particular students as well as questions about larger clinical practice.   I found her to be extremely professional and informed about clinical social work practice.  Although knowledgeable in many areas, I grew most professionally from her understanding of LGBTQ issues, ethical dilemmas, rapport building, and suggestions for managing student resistance.."
-Lauren B., LGSW

How We Can Help You

At AnnodRight we help Superwoman. The women who try so hard to make everything look so easy. Who can’t show weakness because it means they might not be able to keep moving. We help the women with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, the women who worry about sex(uality) and how they are supposed to keep going at work, and in relationships with others and themselves. With AnnodRight skin tone, hair texture, familial ethnic origins, and inner needs/desires matter. Like I said before, intersectionality

We offer therapeutic, supervision, speaking, and training services. In all that we do, we use research to inform the work and make sure we understand what is needed from you, the client. You are the expert on you and nothing anyone says or knows can change that! We like to work with individuals and organizations to learn what is needed, and deliver services to meet that need. We bring in the information that some people are usually uncomfortable with, including sex/sexuality, race, colorism, intersectional experiences, etc. Don't worry, we got you!

Fun Details

Dr. Oriowo is a first generation Nigerian-American, first born, book reading, school loving, therapy doing, passionate teaching, founder of AnnodRight. She enjoys pasta, pizza, reading, and working with people who have decided they want to make a change, even if they aren’t sure what it could all mean yet. Dr. Donna collects inspiring quotes, travels to expand her mind, gives firm handshakes, warm hugs, and knocks on the head. Some would describe her as a walking, talking, contradiction because she can argue to any side when she understands where people are coming from. Donna does all that she does with passion, patience, and persistence. Always working hard to make sure her compass points in the right direction for herself and always willing to give A (n)Nod In the Right Direction, for you!

Check The Credentials

I am a clinically licensed Social Worker in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. I know I already said this, but I am placing some links so you can check me out :)    Here's the process: click on the state hyperlink above, it will take you to the official credentialing website. All you have to do is type in my first and last name (D O N N A - O R I O W O)! It will take you to my page, which details when I got licensed, if I am in good standing, when I have to renew my license, and all that jazz. Of course, if you have more questions, you can ask me on the CONTACT page.