Trump Won, but You feel You Lost, Now What?

So, the election is over. The ballots have ben cast, and the votes tallied. Spoiler Alert: Trump Won. He is now the President-Elect, and there is anxiety all around. The market is in a free fall. People are scared to talk to the children about what happened, and People of Color (POC) are scared, especially immigrants, Muslims, Blacks, and Mexicans.

I am not here to talk to you about what to do with regard to the election. My purpose is also not to tell yell and berate people who didn't vote or who didn't vote the way I would have personally liked them to. This post is about YOU. What you can do to take care of yourself. To be honest, I didn't think I would be writing this post, not as my first one since officially having this website up and LIVE, but it is what it is. So, without further adieu, here we go:

Kubler Ross, a psychiatrist, said there are 5 stages to grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Here is a video that demonstrates it, just in case you are a visual as I am. Some of you may recognize that you are in one of these areas, but moving into others. My nod: be there! Don't try to force yourself into one stage or the other. Be mindful of where you are, accept it as your state of mind, and try to move forward with whatever you have to do. Why should you accept it? I'll Tell You :)  When we try to deny what we feel, we actually either repress it temporarily so we don't feel it...or anything else. We can numb ourselves but still end up acting out in ways that are contrary to who we are. It can also be like a river with a dam. Emotions just keep building and building behind the barrier until it all breaks loose-- probably at an inconvenient time. When we accept what we feel as true, and useful, and without judgement (telling yourself you are sh*tty, horrible, or that you should be fine--making ourselves then feel shameful), we actually can move on in the stages, and feel a bit better!

This is also a time to practice radical self care. I have said it before and I will say it again. If you need to, CUT OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!! Stop watching the commentary. Don't watch or read anything that would be destructive to your mental health. At work, take short breaks to just breathe, take a small walk. Give yourself a treat for making it through the day! Be nice to you as you would be to others. Nicer, if you are usually not so nice ;)

For my Trump Supporters: 

I know that some of you are beyond bliss that you have won. I won't wish you congratulations, because I wouldn't mean it. However, you, too, should take care of yourself and try to keep others in mind. Try to support someone who is sad and hurt by the election results. Note that the stage of happiness you are in (though the stages are attributed to age,  I feel it works here), may not mesh with the stage of grief someone else may be in. Here are the stages of happiness, the stages for grief are above. Note where you stand within the stages, and try to be mindful of others. 

For the ones who still feel some type of way, but didn't vote:

You must take care of yourself. Go over the stages of grief and/or joy. Recognize where you are, and try your best to practice mindful self care. 

I know this post is (somewhat) biased, but I can't be much if I won't be honest. Please comment below with your self care tips and tricks. Feel free to use the comments to rant or vent, but keep it respectful. 


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