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New Year, Same You: How 'bout those GOALS?

They say “time flies!” Living your life is both the slowest and the fastest thing you will probably ever do. Everyday brings a new challenge to overcome, and every year can bring a new theme. This year, I know I am about letting go of my fears and embracing my destiny. I know I am destined for greatness-- that may sound pretentious, because we all think we are great, but my greatness is planned out. My greatness is in goals, and my greatness will be in my follow through…

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5 Strategies to Prevent Murdering Your Family over the Holidays

know this may seem a bit late as one of the main food gathering holidays has just passed. But, I figure late rather than never is probably the best policy.

We all have a family, blood, chosen, or otherwise, to meet our need for meaningful connection. No matter if the family is self manufactured or imposed by blood, the fact remains that even if you love them to pieces and enjoy being around them, they will likely get on your nerves and you will get on theirs. That’s why I decided to give you my 5 tips to dealing with family situations over the holidays (so you don’t--figuratively-- kill each other)…

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